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If you're thinking of building, doing any house additions, undertaking a development project or subdividing your property with your Local Council the Builder and Designer/Planner will require a Contour and Feature Survey. 

A Standard Contour and Feature Survey will identify the  following:

  • external surface/footprint of any buildings and out buildings,

  • visible features over the site,

  • retaining,

  • vegetation and type,

  • visible services including  telecommunications, power and water,

  • adjacent building profiles within 5 meters of the boundary including the window and door positions,

  • site levels within your property to achieve 0.5 meter contours, 

  • abutting levels over the neighbouring properties, 

  • neighbouring floor levels,

  • verge information between the front boundary of your property and the edge of the kerb line.

At the clients request, we can also include eave positions and heights, ridge and wall heights, window and door positions, internal measurements and any other information you may require. 

Carlton Surveys have a long standing relationship with many local councils and a number of architectural firms making it easy to meet your survey requirements. The final survey will be provided in PDF and DWG or DXF, that can be email directly to your designer/builder.




It is important and necessary that you get your boundary re-established when undertaking any building, fencing or any alterations to improvements on or near your property boundary. 

As a part of this survey we will check and replace all of you property boundary corners and clearly mark them onsite.

As required by law we will provide you with a Regulation 25A certificate which will be signed by a licensed surveyor and accompanied with a sketch demonstrating the marks placed. This sketch will clearly identify the marks placed and what improvements (ie fencing, walls, buildings etc..) were found  on or near the boundary corners. 

The regulation 25A certificate and accompanying sketch can be used in a court of law as evidence that your boundary has been marked by a licensed surveyor. It can be used to identify the positions of improvements on or near the lot boundary when dealing with boundary disputes.



If you are looking to subdivide your land into vacant lots but still wish to have a common property driveway then Survey Strata is the option for you. It also enables services to run through adjacent survey strata lots within the same scheme which can save costs when compared to a Green Title subdivision. 

A Survey Strata subdivision has a lot of the benefits that a Green Title subdivision has. Including no restrictions when building a new dwelling or altering an existing one and you own the land not just the buildings. However if you wish to re-subdivide a lot within a Survey Strata development you will need permission from all the registered owners within the Survey Strata Scheme.

If you need some more information about these type of subdivision please don't hesitate to contact us today!

To undertake a Survey Strata subdivision, an application to the WA Planning Commission must be undertaken which can take up to 90 days. If the application proves to be successful, a set of conditions will be imposed on your subdivision that must be complied with.

Once all the conditions have been met clearances must be obtained from the Local Authorities and Public Agencies prior to the Landgate Lodgement.

If you wish to understand some of the conditions that can be placed on your development please don't hesitate to contact us today.

The entire process typically can take around 5 plus months to complete which includes the initial 90 day application period.

If you are not sure if Survey Strata is for you, please don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff today and we can provide you with advice for your individual circumstance.


Similar to a Merger by Resolution a Conversion to Survey Strata can be undertaken if the original Strata Plan was created prior to the 1st of January 1998.  Council approval is not required but all registered proprietors and anyone with a registered interest will need to provide their approval. 

Once the process is finalised you will have a Survey Strata plan which creates ownership based on the land not the buildings. A Conversion to Survey Strata will enable you to have more freedom over what you can do with your land.

Please contact us and we will guide you through the pros and cons of undertaking this type of survey.


A Green Title subdivision is the most common type of tenure when people consider subdiving their land.

A Green Title lot doesn't have any of the restrictions that a Strata development does, it is complete ownership of the land.

The process to undertake a Green Title subdivision is similar to that of a Survey Strata Subdivision. An application to the WA Planning Commission must be initially made which can take up to 90 days to process. Once processed and if approved a set of conditions will be placed on your subdivision which have to be complied with and then cleared by the relevant Local Authority and Public Agency.

Once all conditions have been complied with the Survey Plan is then lodged at Landgate, and once the plan is approved your titles can be applied for.

If you wish to understand some of the conditions that can be placed on your development please don't hesitate to contact us today.

The entire process can take around 5 or more months to complete which includes the initial 90 day application period. 




Construction Surveys are required during any building process and commonly include building setouts and datum establishment.

It is of the upmost importance that your development is not only within your property boundary but also built correctly. We can provide the position on the ground of any wall, column, footing, pool, retaining wall, gridline etc.. to avoid any unwanted complications. 


We can also ensure that your development is constructed at the correct height by placing strategic datum's throughout the building site. This can be especially important when views are involved.


The Water Corporation, Western Power, Local Governments and some builders can all require an as-constructed surveys.

Perhaps one of the most common types of these surveys is a sewer as-constructed plan. If a sewer mains extension is required by the Water Corporation as part of a subdivision/development these plans must be undertaken prior to Water Corporation hand over.

Other types of as-constructed surveys can include the location of neighbouring walls/improvements for design purposes and deformation monitoring of a wall or building over a period of time to check for movement.

These are only a couple examples of  Construction and Engineering surveys so if you have a different type of survey in mind please don't hesitate to contact our office and we can talk about your survey requirements.




If you are thinking of leasing out a property you own, then a lease area plan is a great way to establish the perimeter of the lease and the associated area. It is also common practice as part of a lease agreement, to lodge associated lease plan at Landgate.. 

Lease Areas are calculated depending on what type of use the tenancy will be, for example an office will be measured differently than a commercial outlet. We use the Property Council of Australia's, Method of Measurement 1997,  as a basis when completing all lease area surveys.



It is common when undertaking a development to undergo pre-sales for financial reasons. Using the architectural drawings a proposed strata plan can be drafted to assist with sales contracts. The proposed strata plan should closely reflect the final strata plan once the buildings have been constructed.


A Built Strata is more commonly thought of when talking about strata titles. A built strata title is created by giving ownership to the buildings whether they be a single storey dwelling or a multiple storey set of apartments.  Areas external to the building such as courtyards, car bays or backyards, can also be allocated as ownership.

Once all buildings have been constructed onsite and all the requirements set by the Local Authority in your Development Approval have been complied with, the process to obtain Strata Titles typically takes 3 - 4 months. 


If you wish to alter your existing strata plan you can do it through a re-subdivision.  Alterations can include adjustments to the boundary position, consolidation of strata lots, dividing a strata lot into multiple lots, creating a new area of common property or amalgamating an area of existing common property into a lot, additions of a new building into the strata plan or updating the strata plan to reflect an alteration to a building.


Any Strata Plan that was created prior to the 1st of January 1998 can have a Merger undertake which allows areas of common property to be amalgamated into an existing strata lot. 

The existing strata boundaries cannot be altered but new buildings can be added if that building was approved by the Local Government.  

It is a relatively simple process that doesn't require approval by the Local Council or the WA Planning Commission. However all registered proprietors or anyone with a registered interest (ie: Banks holding a mortgage) will need to provide their approval prior to Landgate lodgementif the Unit Entitlement chantes from the original assessment. 

The time period to complete a Merger varies depending on your individual situation so please contact us today and we can talk about your specific situation.

We Offer More Than Just Surveying !

We strive to provide you with not only the best surveying service but also the best advice for the management of your project. 

If you are completing a subdivision we don't charge for the assisted management of that development. If your development permits it we will happily undertake your Water Corporation and Western Power agreement applications, we will make regular contact where necessary to any Public Agency or Local Authority, once you have engaged the relevant contractors to complete the site works we will assist with providing advice and much more.


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